Proper Auto Body Repair

Even though we all hope to avoid needing such services, knowing a thing or two about how to do auto body work can’t hurt. Especially since the number of cars on the road is continuously increasing and the chances of having a minor accident go up as well. And while we all have a go-to mechanic when it comes to maintenance and other periodical mechanical stuff, when it comes to body work car owners rarely know how things work. That’s why we put together all the info you need about the various types of bodywork repair and what’s the best fit for various damage your car can sustain.


Types of Auto Body Repair

When talking about automotive body restoration, it’s good to start with the various types of works available out there. Each of them is suited for a certain type of damage. Also, it’s important to note that not all these operations need to be performed after an accident or hitting your car. Some body repair processes are simply meant to prolong your car’s bodywork duration over time or simply to bring back some of that new car feeling.

Paintless Dent Repair

Often abbreviated as PDR, Paint less Dent Repair is one of the newest approaches when it comes to fixing various defects on your car’s bodywork. It took the automotive industry by storm by significantly reducing costs and time for repairing various dents. Since the paint is not affected during this process, there’s no need for repainting the part and that is felt in the bill you’ll get. By using state-of-the-art tools, the mechanic brings the classic auto body back to its initial shape through successively pushing and denting the metal. Even though this procedure gained huge popularity in the last years, it can only be used on certain dents and body parts that are mildly damaged. For serious damage, you need to look for other options. And there’s nothing to worry about as we’ll cover all of them soon.

Car Body Painting


If you seriously damaged your car’s exterior and PDR can’t do a thing about it, the only way to fix it is by painting the affected parts or the entire body. However, this process doesn’t necessarily have to come after an accident. Body painting can be done simply for restoring the car’s beauty and improve protection against the elements. Also, if you notice rust or numerous chips on your bodywork, you should consider doing painting the affected elements or the entire car so you don’t get more serious issues along the way.

Car Collision Repair

After a collision, there’s no other choice than repairing your car to be able to use it again. Even if it’s not something really serious that affects your car handling or overall performance, in many countries it’s against the law to use a car with visible bodywork damage. Getting your car back in mint condition after a collision can include several types of body work repair. For example, you can fix some dents through PDR while others will require repainting or even the use of body filler before applying paint. Furthermore, there’s a good chance that the car will require other mechanical repairs if the collision happens at higher speeds. Checking the direction system, brakes, and the chassis is mandatory after any crash above 50 km/h.

Do your research and check out some bodywork shops in your area so you know where you can go to asses the damage and get the best repairing procedures. Keep in mind that in some cases, the classic auto body won’t be fully restored to the way it looked before the accident. Some elements may not be available for replacing.

Car Detailing

After seeing all sorts of body work car repair services that are mostly used after unpleasant events, it’s time to check out a procedure that’s done simply to make your car feel like new again. Car detailing is a huge business nowadays and the results are mind-blowing if you know where to go. It can restore your car’s initial look and turn back the time, especially in the case of older automobiles.

Car detailing services include fixing chips, polishing the paint or the headlights, refreshing the interior with various vacuuming systems, and many more. Besides making your car look great again, this technique can be used to increase its value if you plan on selling it.

Final Thoughts on Auto Body Repair Processes

After seeing the different techniques used to repair your car’s bodywork, it should be easy to know what to look for in case you need such a service. There are numerous shops and garages worldwide providing all sorts of repair services. It’s now up to you to choose the one that’s best fitted for your needs after applying the info you’ve just received. Hopefully, you’ll only need car detailing. However, it’s good to be prepared in case of a negative event as well.

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