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Repair and Refuelling of Car A/C –


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The auto-air conditioning system makes it possible to maintain an optimal microclimate in the cabin of your car, not only cooling, but also purifying the air from moisture, various unpleasant odors and aromas. For a modern car, this system is the main component of its heating and ventilation system.

From a technical point of view, the peculiarity of the car air conditioner is that it uses its power together with the car engine, while not consuming electricity. Power is taken from the crankshaft of the car engine, using a drive belt, which can be separate or common with the alternator belt. The repair of auto-air conditioners includes a high-quality repair of the condenser. It is located in the engine compartment of your car. In order to avoid the effect of heat from the engine, the condenser is located as close as possible to the beginning (near the front bumper) of the soot space, in front of the radiator for cooling the car’s engine, but so that the cooling of the radiator does not suffer from this. There are also outlets for water from the evaporator under the bottom of the car. During the operation of the air conditioner, it is quite common to see a puddle or drops of water under the car, which is the reason for the air conditioning.

A/C systems (more modern) are usually connected to the interior heating systems and controlled together using air ducts. Controls for such systems are located on the instrument panel or center console. Basically, they are located between the passenger and the driver in front. Also, some cars provide an additional control function for passengers in the rear seat.

For the service, refueling car air conditioners uses a refrigerant – a low boiling substance that transfers heat when circulated inside the circuit of your car air conditioner. Initially, R12 freon was used, but its content contained chlorine, which negatively affected the entire ozone sphere of the Earth, so the ego was replaced with R134a, based on fluorine. It became widely used in cars after 1993 release.