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Towing A Car: A Few Simple Tips

The car crashed on the road. We have to drag it into service. But how? In driving school, they touch on this subject only by the way. Therefore, knowledge of car transportation will be useful for everyone. We decided to share them. You must first decide how you want to transport the car to the proposed repair location. There are several options: on a flexible hinge using partial or full loading. Towing a car


The towing vehicle must be switched on regardless of the time of day. In fact, all cars now have to move with the headlights or headlights on. But it is not appropriate to remember it again. The towed vehicle must have an alarm on. If this does not work, a warning triangle must be attached to the back. The length of the elastic thrust should be between four and six meters. It is in your best interest. The fact is that the need to tow is usually due to the inability to start the engine, which means you can also forget about the brake booster. If the cable is short, the driver of the towed vehicle can out of habit choose the wrong insert on the brake pedal and “catch up” with the tug. If the cable is too long, it will be difficult to bend.

Tough pull

Towing on rigid traction is done using a special construction. Unlike a conventional cable, it maintains a constant distance between vehicles. That’s a plus. This method is usually used to tow heavy machinery and trucks. And quite rarely – cars. The usual towing eye of a modern car simply does not withstand a rigid grip – it can break off with a normal jerk. And few people want to have a rigid car coupling in reserve.

Partial loading of cars

Another way to pull is with a partial load. This method can be used to transport vehicles with a defective braking system or steering system. At the same time, the towed vehicle must not contain passengers or drivers, just as there must be no persons on the tug platform. Transporting a car at full load is the safest, but also the most expensive. The machine is loaded on the platform using a winch or crane and transported to the desired location for the owner. If your budget allows, it is better to use the services of an evacuation service.